Axholme Lofts - Quality Birds for Sale.

Welcome to Axholme Lofts online sales. We are currently taking orders for our Year 2012 young birds. These birds are direct from our stock birds which can be observed in our catalogues. Please contact Nigel or Ian to discuss the families you require. Discount is available on teams of Six and teams of 12 for racing. You will need to discuss this with Nigel or Ian.

We can arrange birds to be sent to any part of the World. If you would like to view our breeding pairs please contact us at the addresses below and we will forward you our current catalogues. If you would like to order birds from specific pairs you can discuss your requirements with Ian. You can arrange a visit to Axholme Lofts and discuss your requirements with Ian. To order or find out more information regarding our quality stock, please phone/fax or Email:

Ian Tel: (44) 01427 728327 Mobile: 0585 285820

Nigel Tel: (44) 01427 728419 Mobile: 0585 732589

Fax: (44) 01427 728048


These lists are regularly updated when birds become available for sale. Occasionally, some racing birds and stock birds are available for sale. This year we will be introducing these online for you to observe. You can always contact Nigel or Ian to arrange a visit.

Young Bird - Prices Start from:

De Klak Janssen         70

Louis Peperman           60

Jan Aarden                70

Jan Theelens              70

Supercrack                70

Gus Hofkens               70

Delbar                       70

Busschaert                  50

Desmet-Stichelbaut     60

Van Limpt De Prut       70

(De Klak)

Staf Van Reet             60

Discount on large orders youngsters from race team and latebreds. KITS OF 6 10 LESS PER BIRD, KITS OF 12 20 LESS PER BIRD